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Sciara, Zibibbo 2021

Azienda Sciara Hong Kong Moscato



香港出世的 Stef Yim 同我哋Boho Club 合作做佢第一支 Sparkling wine, 呢個 project 係年幾前已經開始。 能夠同一個世界級釀酒師、藝術家合作, 我們感到好驕傲! 多謝你 Stef Yim

Zibibbo Back label :“With our compliments to Stef Yim, 炎詩朗 who specially made this wine to his birthplace Hong Kong “from Zuihoumoshi, Paul & Phoebe


Tasting Notes of Zibibbo Spumanti 2021 Description This is winemaker's début of making a sparkling wine on Mt. Etna region. This spumanti is made made a Sicilian grape variety called Zibibbo ! This flavor profile of this spumanti is very different from the regular spumanti from Italy like Prosecco. The work in the vineyards are all done by hands in the most natural way possible with no irrigation, chemical fertilization or pesticide treatments etc. Due to the limited cultivable area in the Sicilian area, the production is very limited but qualitative. Vintage : 2021 Annual Production : 3970 bottles Grape variety : Zibibbo Region : Sicilia Tasting Notes : Aroma of very exotic stone fruits & pineapple. On the palate it has a complex & clean crispiness of citrus, orange peels and a delightful Peach blossom finish. Very memorable ! Food Pairing : Bbq meat, Yakitori, fried chicken, Wood fire Pizza etc.


Sciara, Zibibbo 2021

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HK$326.00 一般價格


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